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The Session at First Presbyterian Church of Westminster

Session members serve for three year terms and session members cannot serve for more than six consecutive years as required by the Book of Order. Dr. John Furman is the Senior Pastor and the moderator of the Session. Pastor Paul is a voting member of Session as well.

The session is responsible for running the business of the church. They meet once a month on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the Fireside Room.

The majority of the business of the session is performed in committees. One or more session members are members of each committee, and the Chair Person of each committee is a session member. The remaining committee members are members of the congregation. Volunteers are always welcome, and committees also meet once each month.

The pastors of a church are called by the congregation, and they report to the congregation, not the session. The congregation must annually approve their "Terms of Call" (a fancy name for salaries and perks). The Senior Pastor is the Head of Staff.

The session prepares an annual budget, hires and fires the staff, and sets local church policy. Session minutes are confidential but are reviewed once a year by the Presbytery for completeness and compliance with the Book of Order.

Session Highlights

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Session Assignments

Name Committee
Paul Muresan Session
Gail Harvill Clerk
Jason Hoang Outreach
Derek Jones Education
Bob Diltz Education
Gayle Harvill Facilities & Maintenance
Kermit Marsh Finance
Derek Jones Finance
Fran Rogers Mission
Pam Stein Mission
Cheri Stephens Parish
Jim File Parish
Kermit Marsh Personnel
Kirsten Travis Women's Ministries
Joyce Hanak Worship
Emy Hillhouse Worship
Ariel Sands Youth Ministries