Donating Online

Give Online

If you click on the button "Give Online", you will be taken to a series of pages to fill out information for your offering. You may donate on a one-time basis or set up a recurring gift. You will also have the option to set up an account. This is not necessary to donate online but does allow the site to remember your information as well as giving you access to reports of how much you've given, when was your last donation, if you have any recurring giving set up, etc.

The pages will allow you the option to give via credit card or electronic check. Both result in service charges to the church; 3% of credit card gifts and 1% of electronic check gifts. You will receive the full amount on your statement and may deduct the full amount on your taxes.

For example, if you donate $100 via credit card, your statement will indicate a $100 donation. The church will receive $97 and $3 is paid as a service fee.

If you desire a certain amount to actually get to the church after the credit card fee, multiply the amount desired by 1.031.

For example, if you wanted $100 to make it to the church, you would want to donate $103.10.

As an alternative to using this website, you also have the option to donate via electronic check by working directly with your financial institution. This has the advantage in that the church will not be charged a service fee so the church will receive the entire amount of your donation. Contact your financial institution for further details and how to arrange this.